Social Services

Social Services

Social services prioritize emotional and mental well-being among our residents. From fostering social connections to providing support during life transitions, our social services create a supportive and thriving community environment. Our social services include practical assistance and resources, person-centered care, and crisis intervention and prevention, as well as advocate for residents' rights and empowerment. 

Our dedicated team of social workers and counselors provide a range of services aimed at enhancing residents' overall well-being and quality of life. They offer emotional support, counseling, and guidance to help individuals navigate life's challenges, cope with transitions, and manage emotional or psychological issues. Social services also facilitate social connections, organizing group activities, events, and outings that foster companionship, engagement, and a sense of belonging within the community. Additionally, our social services team provides assistance with practical matters such as financial resources, community referrals, and access to support networks.

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